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1. Types:

Flat Marker/ Flush Marker:

Flat stone placed in front of a family memorial or individually to marker a grave.  A Marker is lettered and usually carved. (3 or 4 inches)


These are not very high above the ground, with the back of the stone being 2 inches higher than the front.


These stand with the back of the stone straight vertical, and the front sloping at about a 45 degree angle. (with serp top)

Upright Monument:

These are two pieces memorials consist of a Die and a Base.


2. Finished Surfaces:

P1: All Polished.

P2: Polished two sides: front and back.

P3: Polished three sides: front, back and top.

P5: Polished five sides: front, back, top and both ends.


3. Other Finishes:

BRP: Balance Rock Pitch

BS: Balance sawn.

SS: Sawn Sides

PFT: Polished Flat Top

SFT: Steeled Fat Top

PBT: Polished Bevel Top



1, Hot Material (Granite):

Chinese: Shanxi Black, G603, G635, G664, G682, China Impala, etc.

Import: Aurora, Black Galaxy, Imperial Red, India Juparana, Paradiso, Bahama Blue.

2, Size: Clients drawings , pictures and samples are welcomed.

3, Special Treatment: Colorful Pattern,  Sculpture,  Sandblasted.

4, Terms and Services

  • MOQ: 1 sets
  • Payment: T/T, L/C.
  • Loading Port: Xiamen, China
  • Delivery Time: About 2-3 weeks, according to your orders.
  • Package: Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates with carefully inner protection.


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